Certificate Awarding Ceremony of C#.NET Applied OOP (Batch 01 to Batch 04)

Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, M.P; Honorable State Minister; ICT Division, Ministry of Post, Telecommunication & Information Technology; Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was graciously present as Chief Guest, and handed over the certificates to successful trainees. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Md. Harunur Rashid, Additional Secretary, Information and Communication Technology Division. Mrs.

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Dependency Injection using Ninject in ASP.NET MVC

What is Dependency Injection? In software engineering, dependency injection is a software design pattern that implements inversion of control for resolving dependencies. – Wikipedia. It makes software components are loosely coupled. Advantages of Dependency Injection • Flexibility to use alternative implementation of service. • Configurable & easy to use • Make system loosely couple •

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Decorator Design Pattern with C#

You who work on design pattern must familiar with Gang of Four (GoF). Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software is a Software Engineering book. The authors of this book are Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides. The authors of this book are often refers to as Gang of Four (GoF). It’s

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Install and uninstall windows service from command prompt

Suppose you have created a windows service name “YourServiceName.exe”. Now you want to install or uninstall it from command prompt. To Install Service run the commnad: C:\Windown\Microsoft.Net\framework\v2.0\installUtil.exe  C:\dirctory\YourServeceName.exe     (with location) To Uninstall Service run the command: C:\Windown\Microsoft.Net\v2.0\installUtil.exe /u C:\dirctory\YourServeceName.exe         (with location)

A Simple Demonstration with ASP.net GridView

GridView is a powerful control of ASP.net. Here I tried to demonstrate gridview with a simple project. I have stored employee information then displayed it in gridview and insert, update and delete employee information. Step 1: Create a table name hrm_employee and insert some sample data in it. –Create Table : hrm_employee— CREATE TABLE hrm_employee

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Open Close Principle with C#

Open Close Principle is an Object Oriented Design principle. It is first introduced by Betrand Meyer in 1988. He says “Software entities (Class, module, function etc.) should be open for extension, but closed for modification”. An entity is “Open for extension” means that its behavior can be extended to accommodate new demand. The entity is

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Singleton Design Pattern with C#

Design Pattern Design pattern is a solution of known problems. These are strategies of solving commonly occurring problems. A design pattern is not a finish design. It is like a template to solve a problem. Singleton Design Pattern Singleton is a software design pattern. It is restrict to create object more than once. This is

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