Server error: ‘530 SMTP authentication is required.’

Sometimes we get error message – 530 SMTP authentication is required when attempting to send an e-mail through MS Outlook. In this article I will discuss how to resolve this error.

Here I used MS Outlook 2010

1. Go to File -> Account Settings

2. Click Email Tab and double click on you email addresss

3. In Change account settings pop up -> Click more settings

4. Check -> My out going server (SMTP) required authentications and click OK as follows

Screenshot 2015-11-02 21.40.12

Now you can send your email and “530 SMTP authentication is required” is solved.

Color a row of excel based on cell date time value (Today)

  1. Select all rows of excel in which you want to apply formula. There must be a date time filed on which you will apply rule. Suppose, column A is date time column and it is started from A2
  2. Conditional Formatting -> New Rule -> Use formula to determine which cell to format
  3. Write in format value text box:  =$A2=TODAY()
  4. Click Format button -> select fill tab -> and select color -> Click Ok
  5. Finally click ok in the dialog box to apply.

How to find pen drive hidden folder

Sometimes due to virus attack, our pen drive data is hidden.  We think, all folders are deleted. So, check first before you format your Usb otherwise you will lose your data forever.  Sometimes hidden files are not displayed even if you “Show hidden files and folders” in the Folders Options. To find hidden folder in your pen drive. Just run the following command in your command window.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

For accurate command just copy the above command and pest it. Here g: is considered your pen drive.  Replace g by your pen drive “drive letter”