How to Get Rid of SQL Server Error 3313, 3314 & 3414

Overview Microsoft SQL Server is Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). The primary function of this software product is storing and retrieving data as per request of other software applications installed on the same or other computers across a network (including the Internet). Just like other computer applications, SQL Server also incorporates some error messages with

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Software Review – Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair

In this fast-evolving Digital Environment, Corruption is the most common occurrence. It mutely strikes at any instant and takes a toll on transaction, performance, and database availability. The reason for the SQL database SUSPECT condition can be anything including Application Crash, Improper Shutdown to the Missing Transaction Log. This action is potential enough to thwart

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How to add new instance in SQL Server

All program -> SQL Server Installation center In windows 8 -> Search -> SQL Server Installation Cepter From left menu select “Installation->New Sql server standalone installation or add features” Browse CD or Physical directory of SQL Server Auto run “Setup support rules” click ok Product update -> click next Install setup files -> click next

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How to view SQL Server error log

The SQL Server error log contains user-defined events and certain system events. You can use this error log to troubleshoot problems related to SQL Server. Step to view SQL Server error log Object Explorer -> Server -> Management -> SQL Server Logs. Right-click a log -> Click View SQL Server Log.

SQL Server: Common Interview Questions

What is the difference between Delete and Truncate in SQL Server? What is trigger? Write syntax of trigger. What is the difference between “char” and “varchar”? What is function in Sql server? How many types of functions? What is stored procedure? Write syntax of stored procedure? How parameter is passed to sql function and how

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