Deploy bot application to Azure and register in Microsoft Bot Framework

Create your first chat bot application using Microsoft Bot Framework

Publish Application to Azure

  • Right click on the web application and click publish


  • Create Microsoft App Service
  • Select Microsoft Azure App Service
  • Click publish


  • Type App name, choose subscription, resource group, app service plan
  • Click create


  • Application is deployed to azure and you will see the following page in the browser
  • You will see the azure application url
  • You will get message end point


Register Bot with Microsoft Bot Framework

  • Go to
  • Click to My bot -> Create bot
  • Click Create button
  • You will redirect to Azure portal
  • Click “Web App bot” and then click create


Create new bot service

  • From Web App Bot -> Click the “Create button” to start the bot creation process.
  • Type bot name
  • App name
  • You can keep other option by default or change as your own



Obtain Microsoft App Id and Microsoft App Password

  • Click settings of newly created bot service
  • Change message end point


  • Click Mange (beside Microsoft App id) link
  • Click Generate new password and obtain new Microsoft app id and password and then save


  • Now open web.config of bot application and add Microsoft App Id and password.
  • Publish application again to azure


  • Now go to Web App bot in Azure
  • Click Test in Web Chat
  • In the right side window. Type some message and enter.
  • You will see the following reply.


If it replied above message, means its ok. Cheers !!

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1 thought on “Deploy bot application to Azure and register in Microsoft Bot Framework

  • In your first step, you have created an App service, and again in Bot service creation process another app service is created, is it mandatory?

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