How to add new instance in SQL Server

  1. All program -> SQL Server Installation center
    In windows 8 -> Search -> SQL Server Installation Cepter
  2. From left menu select “Installation->New Sql server standalone installation or add features”
  3. Browse CD or Physical directory of SQL Server
  4. Auto run “Setup support rules” click ok
  5. Product update -> click next
  6. Install setup files -> click next
  7. Setup support rules and click next
  8. Select Installation type -> select “Perform new installation of SQL Server 2012” and click next1
  9. Enter product key and click next
  10. I accept the licence key
  11. Setup rules -> select “All features with default” -> Click next
  12. Feature selection -> Click Next
  13. Instance Configuration -> Named instance -> Type SQLExpress
    And InstanceId -> Type SQLEXPRESS and click next2
  14. Server configuration -> click next
  15. Database engine configuration -> Select windows authentication mode -> Click add current user and click next3
  16. Click next …. Next … next like as usual sql server installation.
  17. After complete installation. Try to enter using new created instance


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