Populate Dropdownlist with selected Index

This is a demo to populate asp.net dropdownlist by C#.

Step 1: Create a asp.net dropdownlist

Create a dropdownlist in asp.net page. Here, I created a dropdownlist name ddlStudentInfo.

Step 2: Create StudentInfo class

Create a student info class to create list of StudentInfo object.

public class StudentInfo
public int Id { get; set; }
public string Name { get; set; }

Step 3: Populate dropdownlist

Create a list of StudentInfo object. Make it data source of dropdownlist and choose your selected index. Here, I choose selected index 2 means dropdownlist shows Asrafuzzaman as selected text and 3 as selected value. I have write all those in Page Load. You can do as you required.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
List lstStudentInfo = new List();

StudentInfo objStudentInfo1 = new StudentInfo();
objStudentInfo1.Id = 1;
objStudentInfo1.Name = "Mahedee Hasan";


StudentInfo objStudentInfo2 = new StudentInfo();
objStudentInfo2.Id = 2;
objStudentInfo2.Name = "Mahmud Ahsan";

StudentInfo objStudentInfo3 = new StudentInfo();
objStudentInfo3.Id = 3;
objStudentInfo3.Name = "Asrafuzzaman";

StudentInfo objStudentInfo4 = new StudentInfo();
objStudentInfo4.Id = 4;
objStudentInfo4.Name = "Enamul Haque";

ddlStudentInfo.DataSource = lstStudentInfo;
ddlStudentInfo.DataValueField = "Id";
ddlStudentInfo.DataTextField = "Name";
ddlStudentInfo.SelectedIndex = 2; //Selected index 2 means selected value is 3 and text is Asrafuzzaman



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