Server error: ‘530 SMTP authentication is required.’

Sometimes we get error message – 530 SMTP authentication is required when attempting to send an e-mail through MS Outlook. In this article I will discuss how to resolve this error.

Here I used MS Outlook 2010

1. Go to File -> Account Settings

2. Click Email Tab and double click on you email addresss

3. In Change account settings pop up -> Click more settings

4. Check -> My out going server (SMTP) required authentications and click OK as follows

Screenshot 2015-11-02 21.40.12

Now you can send your email and “530 SMTP authentication is required” is solved.

Color a row of excel based on cell date time value (Today)

  1. Select all rows of excel in which you want to apply formula. There must be a date time filed on which you will apply rule. Suppose, column A is date time column and it is started from A2
  2. Conditional Formatting -> New Rule -> Use formula to determine which cell to format
  3. Write in format value text box:  =$A2=TODAY()
  4. Click Format button -> select fill tab -> and select color -> Click Ok
  5. Finally click ok in the dialog box to apply.