How to install Postman a REST Client

Postman is a chrome app. So it runs on chrome browser. So, before running postman you must install Google chrome. Here is the Google chrome link.
Now let’s install postman step by step. It is very easy.

Step 1: Type following URL and press enter

Step 2: Click ADD TO CHROME


Step 3: Click App


Step 4: Wait a bit

Step 5: Click LAUNCH APP

Step 6: Now click sign in

Step 7: Sign in using google account.

Step 8: Launching postman client
Step 9: Choose GET as action and enter the URL: You will get following output as JSON format.

Step 10: Now if you enter the URL : You will see the following output.


What we actually do here we installed postman REST client and then consume github api.

Server error: ‘530 SMTP authentication is required.’

Sometimes we get error message – 530 SMTP authentication is required when attempting to send an e-mail through MS Outlook. In this article I will discuss how to resolve this error.

Here I used MS Outlook 2010

1. Go to File -> Account Settings

2. Click Email Tab and double click on you email addresss

3. In Change account settings pop up -> Click more settings

4. Check -> My out going server (SMTP) required authentications and click OK as follows

Screenshot 2015-11-02 21.40.12

Now you can send your email and “530 SMTP authentication is required” is solved.