Visual Studio 2005 debugger does not work in IE 8!

Do you face debugger problem of Visual studio 2005 in IE 8? Yes, I faced problem. Few days, Debugger of Visual studio 2005 was not working in IE8 in my pc.

This is because IE 8 has a feature called Loosely-Coupled Internet Explorer (LCIE) which results in IE running across multiple processes. Older version of VS debugger get confuse by this and cannot figure out how to attach to the correct process. To overcome this issue, you have to disable the process growth feature of LCIE.

To do this, just do the following steps:

  1. Run –> Regedit
  2. HKEY_LOCALMACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Internet Explorer -> Main
  3. Add a dword under this key called TabProcGrowth
  4. Set TabProcGrowth to 0.

If you run into the same problem on Vista or newer, you will also need to turn off protected mode.

Or you can do the following from visual studio IDE
1. Debug –> Attach to Process.
2. select iexplorer.exe and click attach
It tends to be either the aspnet_wp.exe (IIS 6.0, XP) or one of the W3WP.exe processe

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