How to create SSH fingerprint for Azure DevOps

1 minute read

It seems easy to create SSH fingerprint and connect Azure DevOps or Github. But, sometimes, we face some problem which is hectic. In this step by step article, I am going to show you how to create SSH fingerprint for Azure DevOps and clone a repository.

Step 1:Create SSH Keys

  • Create a folder if not exists - name .ssh in the following directory.
  • Go to run and type: %userprofile%\.ssh

  • Run the powershell command in the following directory.

  • Run the follwing command on powershell.
ssh-keygen -C ""

Step 2: Add the public key to Azure DevOps

  • Now go to the Azure DevOps web portal. Go to the avatar on the upper right corner. Select SSH public keys.

  • Select + New Key button on the upper right corner.

  • Copy the key from C:\Users\mahedee\.ssh\ . The content of the file that you have already generated and pest the content on Public Key Data text box as belows.

  • Now click add button.

Step 3: Clone your repository

  • Now run powershell command and clone a repository using SSH as bellows.
git clone



After configuring SSH, I got the following error while tried to clone repository.

git clone

I was getting the following message:'s password:

I have tried all using all sorts of password but failed.


  1. OpenSSH Authentication Agent was disabled on my PC. I started the service.

  1. SSH.exe was not added on environment varaible. I have added it on environment variable.

Then I tried to clone the repository and It was working fine.