Fix SQL Error 4064 Cannot Open User Default Database

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Everything is data, We store all the data in a proper manner in a database because it is easy to maintain, retrieve, or to perform any manipulation task in the SQL database. But What when you get an SQL error 4064 cannot open user default database? You will not be to go through the database i.e. cannot go through the data stored in the tables even you will not be able to login to your SQL server. This blog will provide a solution for the same query of the users.

“Hey, I am getting an issue with my SQL server 2014 i.e. cannot open my default database and even can’t log in into the SQL server. Please suggest to me a solution to get rid-off from the same problem because it stores my all priceless data in it. Money is not a concern I just need the data of my database again. I sharing a screen that I received at the time of the login”

The user has to face this issue when the login default database may not be available. There are various possible reasons for this error such as when the database is dropped, the database is corrupt, the database is offline. Also when the user has no longer access to the database or even when the SQL database is renamed.

Important Note: If you want to access the corrupted SQL Database. Then the user can take the help of SQL Database Recovery to recover SQL Database files.

Reasons Behind Cannot Open User Default Database Login Failed 4064 Error
There are many causes of the occurrence of this issue. Some causes are described below:

  1. This error occurs because when your database is in the suspect mode.

  2. Because of the accidental deletion of the database from the SQL server, it shows error.

  3. When the SQL database is detached from the user account.

  4. In case your database is set to the emergency status this error occurs.

  5. In case your database is in restrict user state, therefore, you are not able to login to your database.

  6. If your database is a part of the database mirror you will get the error.

Know-How To Fix SQL Server Error 4064

  1. Connect your database with another one.

Method #1. Connect Your Database With Another One

To perform this task follow the steps

STEP #1 Open the SQL Server Management Studio » Fill the Server name, username, and password when the wizard opens.

STEP #2 In connection to database option for making the connection. It is set to the default database change default database name or set it to the master database to get the accessibility.

STEP #3 Click on the Connect button and your Account will log in successfully.

Important Note: The user can try the above methods to resolve this problem. But in case if your SQL Database inaccessible or corrupted then the user can take the help of SQL Recovery Software to recover data from corrupted MDF and NDF Files. Also, the user can preview and recover the SQL database.

STEP #1 Download and Launch the Recovery Tool

STEP #2 Select Quick scan» Check Auto detect SQL server file» Click to next.

STEP #3 Check the recovered database in the database object

STEP #4 Export your data with schema / with Schema & data.

Conclusion In this article we have discussed, how to fix SQL error 4064 cannot open user default database problem. To resolve this issue we have given the manual solution. But in case if you want a quick solution to access the SQL database then the user can take the help of SQL Recovery Software.
Author: Andrew Jackson