Visual studio tips and tricks (Part 01)

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Microsoft Visual Studio is the most famous IDE (Integrated development environment.) It is used to develop computer program, website, web application, web services and sophisticated applications. It has lots of feature. Here I will show you some daily used feature.

Set bookmarks in code

  1. Keep your cursor in a specific line
  2. Go to View->Bookmark Window
  3. Click Bookmark icon at the upper right or at the bottom of bookmark windows

To jump between Bookmarks:

  • Ctrl + K + N (for next)
  • Ctrl + K + P (for previous)
  • To toggle a Bookmark on/off for a line: Ctrl + K + K

Shortcut in Visual Studio

  • Create properties in Visual Studio
    • Type “prop” and then press tab twice
  • Create constructor in a class
    • Type “ctor” and then press tab twice